Understanding Development

Before we venture into the realm of development,  let us take a look at the stress on development itself.   Let us consider the definitions and explanation put forth by experts on this subject.

An excerpt from a paper entitled ‘Rethinking the Policy Objectives of Development Aid: From Economic Grouwth to Conflict Prevention’  by the United Nations University,  has this to say:

‘The current consensus objective of development aid in the international community is to reduce poverty in general and to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in particular. In addition, the dominant view identifies economic growth as the principal means to this end. But the policy objective of aid can be defined in many ways, and has in fact varied over time with shifting priorities within the international community about the ultimate ends of development and the means for advancing those ends.’

The full text of this paper can be followed on:  http://www.crise.ox.ac.uk/copy/Oxford%20Policy%20Conference/fukuda-parr.pdf 

Now let us take a look at the Guyana National Objectives on Development.  Here is the relevant excerpt:

‘The development process must be visualised in its broadest context if it is to meet the expectations of the citizenry for a more elevated standard of living. Accordingly, the most all-encompassing goal of development is the progressive realisation of the abilities and talents of each individual for his/her own satisfaction and enhancement of the good of the community and the nation. This is what is meant by the concept of human development, or people-centered development.’

The full text of this paper can be followed on:     http://www.guyana.org/NDS/chap02.htm

And finally let us have a look at an excerpt of a 2004 paper entitled  ‘Development in Malaysia:  Economics and Political Idea’  by  Lee Hwok Aun    of   University Malaya:

‘Development is a frequently spoken word in Malaysia,  usually in reference to the Nation’s economic goals and achievements and also as a political platform and rallying point.   However,  despite of this prominence  the meaning of development is rarely questioned.  In part the difficulty of such questioning is that development has occurred to an obvious and tangible degree.  At the same time the determination of development hinges on the definition of the term;  the degree of success depends on the yardstick of measurement.’

You can read the full paper by Dr Lee on:   http://www.ukm.my/penerbit/akademika/ACROBATAKADEMIKA64/akademika64%5B05%5D.pdf

The three excerpts above is the beginning of our understanding of the term development.   We will explore the reality of these statements in respect of the development scenario in Malaysia,  in my next post.


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  1. Admin says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. To assist you in your assignment and also to understand the development programs in Malaysia, I have linked the excerpts to the full paper. Once again thanks.

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