Looking at ‘DEVELOPMENT’

When the word ‘development’ is mentioned,  what normally is the scenario unfolding in our minds.  To us living in a country which is still undergoing the process of development,  we would see projects especially physical projects … the building of roads,  modern buildings,  schools,  hospitals  and  housing estates.   This,  to most us is development.  To most of us development means the physical development of an area … the urban area and not forgetting the rural areas.  We believe that development is a process that will enable us to live in modern surroundings … with modern facilities at par with those found in modern and developed countries in the world.  To us development is living with modern aminities like satelite broadcasts,  the Internet,  state of the art homes with air conditioning systems and so on and so forth.

We would then compare,  and in some cases we would be proud to see this physical development in our home area.

But,  is this the development that we are looking  for?  Is this the end of our struggle to bring development to our life.

Many feel that development covers a wider area and discipline.  I personally feel that development should include the development of the mind … the development of our thinking,  our look at life … and what we can benefit from it to help us through life to a better future.

Development is something ‘big’ …. something which should be able to change our ways of life ….  which would be useful to our children in their education … and something that will be our guiding light into the future.

On this,  I strongly feel that physical development should go hand in hand with mental development.  Only with this could we face the future with more confidence and ease.

This is my thought as a ‘layman’.


About Author
A retired government broadcast journalist and communications specialist still actively involved in activities pertaining to ICT and media,

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