Getting to know NEGERI SEMBILAN

We have ventured into Jempol, one of the districts in Negeri Sembilan.   Now let’s get to know the state itself.

Negeri Sembilan,  in the west of Peninsular Malaysia,  is a small but interesting state with a rich culture and heritage.   Translated literally as   ‘nine states’ ,   the state once consisted of nine districts   each  ruled by a Malay chieftain.

Negeri Sembilan is often identified with the pervasive influence of the Minangkabau culture,  reflected in the unswept roofs reminiscent of buffalo horns.    Many of its traditional houses and modern state buildings are fine examples of this distinctive architecture.  A unique feature of the state is the ADAT PERPATIH,  a matrilineal social system practiced by the present day descendants.  The system is evident in  clan and marriage customs,  property ownership and dance forms.

The state capital of Seremban,  an hour’s drive from the nation’s capital Kuala Lumpur,  is a flourishing urban centre with several historic and cultural landmarks.   The State Museum and Cultural Handicraft Complex,  State Mosque and the Lake Gardens are among Seremban’s attractions.

Seaside resort of Port Dickson,  washed by the gentle waters of the Straits of Malacca,  is a popular destination for locals and foreigners alike.

Venturing into the Minangkabau heartland,  one finds picturesque villages and quiant towns,  the highlight being the royal enclave of Sri Menanti,  the site of Malaysia’s largest traditional timber palace.  Elsewhere in Negeri Sembilan,  encounters with nature await the adventurous amidst its verdant rainforests,  rivers and waterfalls.



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