To A Beautiful Future

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In this modern world, when we discuss about things … things that would help us move into a beautiful future, we tend to focus more attention to the urban population. We would use the urban-type of life we are living today as a benchmark … and that it is the life common to all. We would come to the conclusion that our requirements and needs are that of everyone irrespective of the geographical location. We tend to forget the other segment of our community … those who live in the rural areas, where life is not so modern … where life is more on a day to day basis.

I believe not everyone of us live in an urban surrounding. Some maybe living in high rise modern condominiums today, but probably our father or his father before him started life in the rural area, where life is much simpler.

My point is, not every country in the world have reached the developed status. Some are still struggling to develop. Hence we have the socio-economic-political groupings known as the developed nation, the developing nation and the underdeveloped nation. The life scenarios in each grouping is different. This I believe is the perspective we have to put right. This should be the basis of our discussion or argument when it comes to talking about what should be done and what should be our contribution to create a better future for all mankind.

When we talk about the different types of nations, we will come across differing needs and requirements.

In a country like mine – Malaysia – for instance, the focus of our attention is more to bring education to the masses, with special emphasis to the rural people. We feel that education is the main ingredient of development. And this is other than the development programs planned and implemented for them, under the many national development plans launched since our independence some 50 years ago.

Of course, we have the big cities where the standard and style of living is comparable to those of other major cities of the world. But the city or urban population make up only a small percentage of our total population of 27 million people. And because of this, the development programs are carefully planned so that they meet the requirements and needs of everyone … in particular the rural folks. And that the physical development of the country is carried out hand in hand with the mental and spiritual development of the population.

This I have to emphasise.

Much have been said, and we have heard a lot about plans and programs to bring us a better future. I have read papers written by professors, specialists and the many experts on the relevant subjects. Most are beautifully written. A lot of research must have been done to produce such thesis and proposals. But the pages upon pages of suggestions and recommendations, when we think about it, are very difficult for the ordinary man like me to understand. I personally find that all these are written with the practical aspects marginalized.
I feel, whatever proposals we have from amongst us should be oriented towards practical implementation. In other words, what we suggest should be easily practiced by everyone. Otherwise, suggestions and proposals will remain what they are.

I know there are many experts and specialists in our midst, and I believe we can contribute a lot to the effort of creating a better and safer world in the future. I believe too, since we come from different backgrounds with different professional experiences, our thoughts and proposals when pieced together can do what others have tried all these while.

To a beautiful future.


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